Louth field names project new coordinator & public meetings

Our new coordinator Eve Campbell

Our new coordinator Eve Campbell

The Louth fieldname project is gathering momentum with the appointment of Dr Eve Campbell as coordinator, and has planned two public meetings for volunteers and those interested in getting involved in the project.

The meetings will be held on Tuesday 8 October in Dundalk (Teagasc Centre, Dublin Road) and Thursday 10 October in Dunleer (Parish Hall), both meetings at 8 p.m. Local coordinators and volunteers will be briefed on the next steps. Volunteers are encouraged to take along any fieldnames already gathered. According to Mr. Denis Brennan, Chairman of the project, ‘It is vital for us to record field names, folklore and features of the fields in Louth now, lest they be lost for future generations’.

The project’s new coordinator Eve Campbell is from Castlebellingham. She is a historical archaeologist with experience in both the research and contract sectors. Eve says, ‘I’m very excited to be working on such an important project. Placenames are a very significant part of our cultural heritage in Co. Louth. They can tell us a lot about the lives of ordinary people and how they interacted with and understood their surroundings from medieval times to the present day.’ She further added, ‘There are already 115 volunteers working on fieldnames in their own localities and parishes, but new volunteers are always welcome. We plan to have the fieldname collection stage of the project finished by early spring. Our upcoming meetings will be a great opportunity to learn more about the project, but if you can’t attend and would like to know more please get in contact with us’.

The County Louth Field Names Group was formed under the auspices of the County Louth Archaeological and Historical Society, County Louth I.F.A. and the County Louth Library Service. The aim of the project is to collect as many field names as possible throughout the county and to make those names accessible in book and digital format. Some recorded field names so far include; Cegglay’s Lane, Art’s Garden, Liss Field, Carrawan, Randle’s Rock and Crush Ard (Crois Árd).


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