Gallows hill and sunday well: field names from the Longfield map collection



Recently, we’ve been researching the potential of historic maps as sources of field names. The Longfield Map Collection in the National Library of Ireland comprises a series of estate maps made between c.1770 and 1840, many of which are from Co. Louth. Some of the Louth maps have field names noted down, like the extract shown above. The extract is from a map of Dromiskin and Whiterath townlands.

Interestingly it shows field names related to a number of landscape features that now don’t survive.  Most grisly is gallows hill, situated on a low rise, flaking the glebe land. Immediately east is windmill field, and the small circular tower of a windmill is etched on the map.

Further south are two well names, Tobber Thomy and Sunday Well. The name Sunday well suggests that there was a holy well here, that has since dried up.

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