A field wall from Stonehouse

Many of the field boundaries in Louth are based on the ‘Louth fence’ which became popular in the mid-eighteenth century. It consisted of an earthen bank, faced with stone and planted with quicks (whitethorn). Here is a lovely example built with a herringbone pattern from Stonehouse, Mullary Civil Parish.



One thought on “A field wall from Stonehouse

  1. Lovely image! The nature of these walls is strongly influenced by the geology of the area. The Silurian metasediments tend to break into ‘flaggy’ blocks, that are several times longer than they are deep (compare these to the round granite walls of Mourne or rounded basalt stones in the walls in much of the Antrim plateau). Walls similar to these Louth Banks are found in the Comeragh mountains area of County Waterford, because the rocks break into similarly-shaped lumps.

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