The 'Louth fence' as depicted in the Statistical Survey of Tyrone.

The ‘Louth fence’ as depicted in the Statistical Survey of Tyrone.

What is the Louth Field Names Project?

The Louth Field Names Group was formed under the auspices of the County Louth Archaeological and Historical Society, County Louth I.F.A. and the County Louth Library Service with the aim of collecting field names from across County Louth. It was funded by Louth Leader. The project collection methodology was drawn up by Helen Divilly (Louth County Council) and training was provided by Grace McCullen in winter 2012. A project co-ordintor, Eve Campbell, was appointed in autumn 2013. Names were collected across Louth by over 200 volunteers between winter 2012 and summer 2014.  The project book, designed by Anu Design and printed by Anglo Print, was launched in November 2014 and the project webGIS, created by Mallon Technology, was launched in November 2015.

Have other similar project been carried out in Ireland?

Unlike townland names that have been well recorded and mapped, minor place names, those below the level of the townland have received much less attention. Some minor place names are shown on the Ordnance Survey maps, but most of them, including most field names, are exclusively oral. Studies of minor place-names have been largely decentralised, being carried out on a local or regional basis. Some of the most important collection projects include the Cork and Kerry Place Names Project, the Meath Field Names Project, and the Kilkenny Townlands Project.

What were the project outcomes?

The project has three main outcomes: a 400-page full colour book, a catalogue of field-names available from the Louth libraries and a webGIS.

Can I still submit field names to the project?

Yes, if you would like to contribute names to the project please contact Eve Campbell at evejennifercampbell@yahoo.com.


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